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Food + Drink

See below for a list of featured vendors. Even more delicious options will be available on-site, along with full bars serving beer, wine & cocktails.


5ive Spice Food
5ive Spice

Originating in Park Slope, Brooklyn, 5ive Spice now spans three locations in NY and growing. 5ive Spice challenges the expectations of Vietnamese cuisine with homage to the country’s history of international influence. Fresh ingredients and cooking techniques are creatively selected to elevate food & drink offerings. Come to 5ive Spice to experience the timeless capabilities of Vietnamese cuisine.

Gai Chicken & Rice Food
Gai Chicken & Rice

Khao Mun Gai has delighted millions all over Thailand; especially in Bangkok, the street food capital of the world. It has become a food haven for both locals and tourists alike who enjoy this flavorful dish. We at Gai Chicken & Rice bring the tastes and traditions of Bangkok, to the streets of New York City.

Obao Noodles & BBQ Food
OBAO Noodles & BBQ

Foods from local street markets in Southeast Asia have become respected cuisines globally, bridging gaps between diverse people. OBAO brings this street food experience to NYC, offering Thai and Vietnamese dishes with a luxurious twist. With high-quality ingredients, OBAO blends traditional flavors with modern elegance, earning Michelin Bib Gourmand ratings in 2011-2013.

Patok by RACH Food
Patok by RACH

Patok By Rach began in January 2021 in a small apartment in Inwood, NY, aiming to introduce Filipino food to the American mainstream. Despite challenges from the pandemic, we pivoted to a lunch delivery service, then expanded to catering and concessions at festivals, and now have our own brick-and-mortar location. Our mission remains unchanged: to share Filipino culture, one lechon at a time!

Potluck Club Food
Potluck Club

A Cantonese American restaurant opened by 5 childhood friends born and raised in Chinatown, New York. Potluck Club is a love letter to growing up in Chinatown and a new take on old classics. Since we have gotten nods from The New York Times and been awarded Michelin Bib Gourmand. We hope to continue to build and inspire in our community of Chinatown.

Rokstar Chicken Food
Rokstar Chicken

Since the 1970s, Korean fried chicken has been a beloved part of Korean culture, enjoyed as a meal, snack, or anju. Rokstar Chicken aims to share this comfort food globally through a fast-casual concept offering premium food and service, featuring unique sauces and batter for crispy chicken. Born and raised in New York, Rokstar Chicken (with 3 locations in NYC) combines Korean flavors with a NY attitude, preparing every order fresh to deliver the highest quality chicken and flavors. The ROK in Rokstar represents the Republic of Korea, and founder Mark Lee, former partner of Spot Dessert Bar, aims to globalize Korean fried chicken, sharing Korean culture through food.

Silk Food

The name Silk. was inspired by Hong Kong-style milk tea, the city's iconic beverage. Born from a love for Taiwanese street food and bubble tea, Silk. honors Hong Kong's tea culture and traditional craft beverage. It unites Hong Kong and Taiwanese culinary cultures with premium ingredients. The founders visited over 10 tea plantations in China and Taiwan to find the perfect blend of tea leaves for milk tea.

Sugarcane Daddy Food
Sugarcane Daddy

Sugarcane Daddy is the one and only brick and mortar storefront specializing in sugarcane juice. Owner and founder, Winsley Tsang, wanted to bring sugarcane juice into New York City as it is not easy to find. One of his favorite things about sugarcane juice is how it can be found in different countries around the world where people from all different cultures drink sugarcane juice. It’s a healthy alternative to other soft drinks, commonly referred to as liquid gold because of its health benefits

Tabetomo Food

Named after its founder Chef Tomo Kubo, TabeTomo translates directly from Japanese to ""eating buddy,"" and is celebrated for its distinctive 60-hour tonkotsu pork broth. The restaurant specializes in Jiro-style ramen and tsukemen, a unique dining experience where delectable chewy noodles are dipped into an ultra-rich broth. Chef Kubo helms from Tsujita, an acclaimed tsukemen chain renowned for its hours-long waits.

Tomokase Food

Indulge in an exclusive sushi omakase experience within the confines of your own residence with Tomokase. Elevate your culinary journey as we dispatch a private chef and maître d' to curate an unparalleled dining affair for you and your guests. Our team has grown to over 20 experienced chefs and is led by Executive Chefs Kenji Kitahara and Toshio Matsuoka.